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Recycled Plastic Deck Covers for ALP STRIKER

On the 13th of May 2016 a milestone was reached by ALP Maritime Services, with the naming ceremony and christening of the ALP STRIKER at the Niigata Shipyard in Niigata (Japan). The first of a series of 4 state-of-the-art SX-157 Ulstein Design ultra-long distance towing and anchor handling vessels with a bollard pull 300+ tons. The ALP STRIKER is the first offshore vessel in the world having a recycled plastic KLP® Deck Cover work deck instead of the traditional wooden deck cover, which results in a sustainable, effective and safe solution.

By using recycled plastic instead of wood, Lankhorst can offer high quality products and help support the environment. The use of recycled plastic KLP® Deck Covers instead of the traditional wooden deck covers is saving around 30 trees for this vessel with approximately 350 m2 decking space. The recycled plastic from Lankhorst has also been installed in both chain lockers.

Whether it’s for a new build vessel or a ship-deck renovation project, KLP® Deck Covers offer a sustainable and effective solution to protect your vessel during towing and anchor handling operations. The Lankhorst products do not rot nor splinter, are resistant to most chemicals, oil, solvents, UV, (salt) water, weather and will last significantly longer than any type of wood and are fully recyclable.

KLP® Deck Covers will also contribute to a safer work environment for the crew. Practical tests have proven that, due to the higher friction opposed to hardwood (specifically in wet conditions), KLP® plastics have anti slip properties up to twice as good as wood. 

KLP® Deck Covers

Management of ALP and Niigata Shipyard and all the guests present in front of the ALP STRIKER, including Mark Heising from Lankhorst.


KLP® Deck Covers

KLP® Plastic used in chain locker


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