Various markets

Lankhorst develops and produces custom molded plastic products for various markets, for example:

Steel Industry

Their products are found everywhere where heavy coils need storage or transportation. Products Lankhorst have developed include Rollblocks, Rollstops, Rollcradles, Rollpallets and Storageblocks.


Offshore Industry

Lankhorst provides engineered plastic products for sub sea risers and flow lines. Products Lankhorst have developed include Piggy Back Blocks, Fix Flex, Riser Fins, VIV- Strakes, Anode Tapers and many more.

Flexo graphical Industry
For the packaging industry Lankhorst has developed a HACCP- approved plastic carrier. Being flexible and hygienic, the reelcarriers have none of the shortcomings that wooden products have. They do not splinter, absorb no moisture and have no nails. These plastic pallets are available in four different types.


Sewer system Industry

Lankhorst has developed sewer manholes for a large company in sewer systems. A complete tailored system for the use under ground: a solid and perfect solution. These manholes are unique in their size

and design.

Rescue products Industry

A true example of the strength and reliability of our plastic products are the product series for the rescue market. These rescue products are used to stabilise vehicles after car crashes and are capable of bearing enormous loads.

Our topic specialists develop custom plastic products for all business units within our division:

plastic engineering

Innovative products and services that fit a green and sustainable environment. As well as recycled plastic poles and planks we also produce jetties, sheet piling, decking, façade panels, street furniture, pile planking and bridges.

Recycling Products
engineered plastic products

Ekon is the leading producer of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) sheet and roll material through the flat-die-extrusion process.

custom plastic injection molding

KLP® Sleepers: a maintenance free product that is an excellent alternative for wooden sleepers, bearers and bridge sleepers

Railway Solutions
plastics engineering

Being active in recycled plastics for over 30 years, Lankhorst Mouldings have plenty of experience with heavy industry plastic storage systems.

Pipe Storage
engineering plastics


With over 30 years of experience, Lankhorst Mouldings steel coil storage systems can be found all around the globe.



Coil Storage
engineering plastic

Lankhorst Mouldings have a proven track record in providing the Offshore Industry with innovative polymer based technical solutions. These products include VIV Suppression Strakes, Impact Protection and Piggyback Blocks.

Offshore Solutions
custom molded products
Custom molded products
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