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Do want to know more about the safe and sustainable plastic ship deck covers? We gladly advise you!

KLP® Deck Covers

vessel deck

KLP® Deck Covers from Lankhorst offer you a sustainable, effective and safe solution!

Whether it’s for a new build vessel or a ship deck renovation project, KLP® Deck Covers offer an effective solution to protect your ship floor during operations. The fully recyclable plastic ship decking will not rot nor splinter, is resistant to most chemicals, oil, solvents, UV, (salt) water, weather and will last significantly longer than any type of hardwood.

KLP® Deck Covers also contribute to a safer work environment for the crew. Practical tests have proven that plastic ship deck covers from KLP® have anti slip properties up to twice as good as hardwood, especially in wet conditions, due to the higher friction.

Lankhorst offer high quality ship decking products and by using recycled plastic instead of hardwood, Lankhorst indirectly contributes to supporting the environment.


Advantages of KLP® Deck Covers for ship or boat decking projects: 

  • No rotting, no splintering
  • High friction in wet conditions
  • Stiff and maintenance free
  • UV, water and weather resistant
  • Safe and easy to process
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Stable material and product properties
  • Lower weigth than hardwood
  • Long lifetime


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